The Shopping Revolution

Mission . Vision

We at CWI foresee a Shopping System that will bring Products and Service of many forms to the masses, using CryptoCurrencies as the main form of payment. Our Mission is to be completely independant of the ties that bind most retailers to the 'standard' forms of payment for purchases, and become one of the key sites to bringing this incredible world of CryptoCurrencies to the forefront of the Communities that use our Services and buy our Products.

Pricing . Currencies . Delivery

theSHOP Prices are based on Australian Dollars (AUD) however Payment is only accepted in a few select CryptoCurrencies for the time being. We are endeavouring to bring a wider range of CryptoCurrencies to our Payment Model which will eventually include a number of FIAT Currencies (AUD/USD/EU to name a few) as well as Credit Cards in the very near future.

For the time Being, BitCoin (BTC), LiteCoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are the only currencies accepted. We utilize the CoinBase Business System for Payment at the moment, so you can be assured when payments are made, the funds are Safe and Secure being held in CoinBase Wallets in Escrow. This means as a puchaser, you can rest easyin the knowledge that we are not only using one of the largest Exchange and Crypto Systems in the World as our backend Payment System, but Reliability and Stability is a staple of the shopping experience.

Delivery is based on a 'Per Purchase' basis and is determined by the Delivery Method. We will update as we continue to exapnd theSHOP.

We hope you have a smooth and enjoyable experience as we continue to exapnd our Product Range as well as improving theSHOP. Constructive feedback is appreciated. Be our Guest to Register, Sign On for our NewsLetter (Coming Soon) or simply look around and suggest any improvements we can make and products you would like to see that you are able to purchase with CryptoCurrencies.

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